Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Trials

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If you have never been in a clinical study, here is some additional information. If you have questions not listed, email them to

There is NEVER any cost to you in a clinical trial. The study will fund doctor visits, labs, medications, and other necessary costs. The study also usually pays you directly for time, travel, etc. Request Free Screening Appointment
Once you register on our website, the local clinical research site will reach out to you to answer questions. When you come in for an appointment, you will meet with health care providers who will go over the study and answer all questions.
Yes. Through any point in the process, you can always change your mind. You are never under any obligation.
No. Your personal information is completely private and is only shared with the clinical research site.
With your permission, your local clinical research site will contact your physician to notify them about your involvement. Additionally, we always encourage good communication with your health team.